"Ecological (Eco.). Tobacco Conditioning"

We recommend "Eco. Tobacco Conditioning" to improve smoking taste quality and save energy.

Key to "Eco. Tobacco Conditioning"

1. Audit and Improvement Suggestions for your existing conditioning process.
2. Audit and Suggestions on smoking taste quality.
3. Fine-tuning the treatment conditions
for the designed quality of each grade
4. Optimization of steam and water spray system.

5. Minimum heat-loss during the conditioning process.
6. Establishing the Smoking Taste Quality Check System.

KNK Water Spray System

We can support your Smoking Taste Quality Control
Optimize the Treatment Condition of Primary Process
based on our 40 years of experience.

We recommend "KNK Water Spray System"
for tobacco conditioning and light casing
to realize "
Eco.Tobacco Conditioning".

We can design the system to suit your process.
(Capacity, Control Systems, etc)

1. Variable water flow (10% - !00% of spray capacity)
2. No Carrier system (steam or air) is required.
3. Gentle Spraying with fine spray mist.

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1. Minimum Steam consumption..
2. Minimum Water consumption.
3. Minimum Air Flow at inside of the cylinder.
4. Minimum "Stimulation" .in smoking taste.
4. Optimum treatment condition for each quality grade.
@@@(Maintaining original tobacco taste.).

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