"KAIZEN" Consulting

Do you have any of these problems in your process or on your shop-floor?
   - Accidents occurring frequently.
   - Quality is fine, but too much waste.
   - Waste is low, but defects are more in finished product.
   - Many re-works due to quality reasons.
   - Machine efficiency is high, but its utilization is low.
   - Machine utilization is high, but its efficiency is low.

Or do you want to improve your process or your shop-floor?
   - By improving or stabilizing your product quality.
   - By improving your process performance.
   - By stabilizing your process condition.
   - ByiImproving your machine efficiency and/or utilization.

We can support you in improving your process and/or your shop-floor with our 40 years of providing experienced consulting to our foreign clients in production engineering and shop-floor management.
Based on your requirements, we can offer you our best recommendations to introduce a Japanese style shop-floor management to accelerate "KAIZEN" activities (step-by-step improvement by using your employees’ strength) and project work in your organization.

Japanese style Management Tools

1. 5S Activities
    This is a good method to improve your shop-floor and process conditions
   through organizedhouse keeping activities
   carried out
with the participation of all your shop-floor employees.
We can train your shop-floor employees in 5S process.

2. SQC Tools
   They are the tools of statistical data analysis to control product quality
   and other process conditions.

   - By identifying the faults or nonconformity requiring immediate action.
   - By identifying the factors of defects, faults and nonconformity.
   - By optimizing the process conditions
                   and maximizing the process performance.

3. "TQM or TQC" style Management (or six sigma method)
Data based Process Control and Total Management System.
   Developing an Automonous Process Control by operatives
"Botton-up Policy".

4. "TPM"
Japanese style "Total Productive Maintenance System"
   It is based on 5S and TQC with "Bottom-up Policy",
   and for developing an Autonomous Maintenance Activity by operatives.

Our Experience   (including TIES projects)

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Key points of "KAIZEN" using Japanese-style management tools.

We believe that the operators know about their machine health better than anyone else. Therefore, first of all
   1. Motivate and Increase the people's power (capacity) then.......
   2. Changing the situation or condition step by step using people's power.
   3. Creating idea to improvement together with your people.
   4. Organizing and stabilizing continuous "KAIZEN" activities.

The key point of improvement is to eliminate 3M form yourprocess or from shop floor. Namely,
   - MUDA (Waste) : Time waste, material waste, Wasteful handling, etc.
   - MURI (Unreasonableness) : Over capacity, Shortage of skill-level, etc.
   - MURA (Unevenness) : Gap between Plan Vs Actual, less continuity, less control, etc.

Our Service

   1. Training in 5S, SQC Techniques and other Japanese style tools.
   2. Process audit and its improvement suggestions.
   3. Guidance and Support for KAIZEN activities and its projects.
   4. Support in introducing "Japanese Style Management System".

We can also provide the production engineering and technical support for cigarette and tobacco manufacturing process based on our 40 years of experience.
   1. Improve and/or stabilize product quality.
   2. Improve machine performance of making and packing process.
   3. Optimize and fine-tune the treatment conditions of primary process.
   4. Improve the smoking taste control.

Let's KAIZEN with US !!
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Practicing KAIZEN
GPI, India Full fledged Process Improvement Project (1990 ~ 1994)
1. Nonconformity in product quality reduced by 1/7th.
2. Machine efficiency is improved from around 60% to more than 85%.
3. Speed of pack-wrapping machine increased by 25%.
4. Primary process modified and optimized to improve cut-tobacco quality.
5. 5S activities is introduced.
6. Conducted SQC training for engineers.
7. Introduced KAIZEN TEIAN System (Japanese-style Suggestion Scheme).
8. Introduced the concept of TQM and TPM.
9. Saving in manpower by 20%.
Surya Tobacco, Nepal Conducted the training on improvement activities in 1995 for 3 weeks.
1. Conducted TQM and SQC Training for engineers.
2. Training on basic machine maintenance.
JTI factories Training and support for improvement projects (1995 ~ 2003)
   - Cigarette factory, Manchester, England
   - Cigarette factory, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   - Cigarette Factory, Izmir, Turkey
   And other JTI factories.
Lakson Tobacco, Pakistan Full fledged Process Improvement Project (2003 ~ 2007)
1. Nonconformity in product quality reduced by 1/4th ~ 1/5th.
2. Machine efficiency is improved from around 60% to more than 80%.
3. 5S activities introduced.

4. Conducted training of cigarette manufacturing for engineers.
5. Skill-up training (OJT) System introduced
         for technicians, operators and other
6. Optimized and tuned-in the treatment condition of primary process.
7. Basic introduction of Smoking Taste Control System in factory.

LTC, now owned by PM Asia, is continuing its further improvements.
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