KNK  Water Spray System
for Tobacco Conditioning

Gentle Spraying with maintaining Fine Mist Size
using the full range of flow rate
without any carrier system.

Designed mist size is around 100 micron
with 2 Mpascal water pressure at nozzle

Variable Flow Rate (10 -100% of spraing capacity)
using only One Nozzle.

We have successfully realized the following conditions by using the "Spillback Nozzle"

The Rotating Nozzle Cover is specially fablicated
to prevent
tobacco deposit at inside the cylinder.

Nozzle Unit
Spillback Nozzle
with Rotating Nozzle Cover

Pump Unit
Plunger Pump
with two electromagnetic
flow meters

Schematic diagram of
"KNK Water Spray System"

Technical Design Corporation
7-1, Narihira 5-Chome, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo (130-0002), Japan
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Benefits of this system
1. Carrier System (steam or compressed air) not required.
2. Multi-Nozzle System to adjust the flow rate not required.
3. Nozzle Support System inside the cylinder not required
Low Capital Cost
Low Maintenance Cost
Low Running Cost
Spray Capacity (water flow capacity) and the Pump Capacity
can be designed to suit your process capacity.

We can audit your process and give suggestions on how to optimize your process
at a reasonable cost..
Please let us know the followings points with your inquiry
1. Conditioning Cylinder Specifications (Diameter, Length, Angle, RPM, etc)
2. Tobacco Flow Rate Kg/Hour (Maximum and Minimum) and Target Exit Moisture.
3. Water Temperature (for spray) and Exhaust Air Volume
4. Seasonal Change of Input Tobacco Moisture (Monthly average or "Max & Min")
5. Seasonal Change of Room Temperature and Humidity (Monthly average)

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